Passed my classes so glad.


Spanish Bride

The Spanish Bride
Once upon a time there was a girl who was to be married, she was going to have an arranged marriage. She was very unhappy, and didn’t love the man she was suppose to marry. As you can see in her picture she looks sad, and very serious and there she was only trying on the dress her parents had bought her. Her parents had an arranged marriage so they were set on seeing their daughter do the same. They lived in a city call Sonora deep in Mexico where tradition was never broken. The girls name was Florentina she was about 15 years old, and was very strong, smart, and curious about life. She wanted to have something different than what her parents had. She was not going to marry this person she didn’t even know or wanted to. Then one day she decided to run away she didn’t get very far because her parents were well known in this city, and she was caught a day later. Later she asked her mother did you love my father when you married him she replied no I grew to love him because he was a kind man. Florentina still did not want this for herself and kept telling her mother over and over. Until one day her mother told her she was sending her away. I don’t know how but she met a lady who was willing to foster her daughter. Her name was Maude Stewart, she was an older lady who was married and all her children were grown and gone. Florentina was lucky I guess because she got her a job at a hospital and took care of her until she finally met the man of her dreams and fell in love, and they lived happily ever after.

The Hamster

The Hamster the Monster and a Tree

The Monster chased the Hamster up the tree, and scared him out of his wits.

Once upon a time there was a little hamster who was very friendly and kind. His name was just plane old hamster, because that’s what people said when they saw him. He was brown with golden eyes and had a tail with spots of white and gold. It was a long hot summer and fall was fast approaching hamster needed to start collecting food for the winter to keep his family feed. Hamster lived with his family in one of the tallest trees in the forest, so no one could reach them.
Hamster was worried about collecting enough food for the winter months soon to come. So hamster worked long and hard collecting enough food to last them the winter months. The reason being during winter is when everyone was afraid to come out because there was a abominable snow man called monster. He would come out and scare all the animals. Hamster also had a neighbor named jerry he was a happy go lucky chipmunk. He was also very irresponsible, and didn’t prepare for the winter or monster. So when winter came Jerri ran out of food, so he went to hamster’s house to beg for food from hamster. Hamster being a good friend gave him some. Winter was almost over but because hamster had to feed jerry they ran out, so hamster knew he was going to have to go out into the wild and get more food for everyone. He was so scared because monster who was always around the area would try to chase him and scare him all the time. Monster was mean and angry all the time because he lost his family in an avalanche so he was very lonely. Hamster would try to talk with him from a very far distance he wanted to be friends but his heart was cold and his attitude was mean. Deep down monster really liked hamster because he would tell him stories of wonderland and it was fascinating to monster and would make him happy. Hamster was able to collect his food when monster was asleep hoping that he wouldn’t wake him up. But it would be nice if they were friends and they could help each other out. Anyway hamster did his duty got some food and when hamster was on his way home from collecting his food. Monster chased the hamster up the tree, and scared him out of his wits. Lucky for Hamster it was his tree that he lived in, and at least he got his food and was so fast monster couldn’t catch him.

Pinkie the Curious

Pinkie and the circus

Once upon a time there was a little girl named pinkie, pinkie loved animals and wanted to visit a circus someday. She heard the circus was coming to town. She asked her mother if they could buy tickets to see the circus, her birthday was coming up and so her mother said if she was good she would buy the tickets for her as a birthday present.
The circus was only in town for this one weekend so they bought the tickets and were planning to go. The next day it started to rain and on the news they said a big thunderstorm was coming in and it was going to be a bad day to go anywhere. So pinkie had to be a brave little girl and go even though she was so afraid of thunder and lightning. There were all kinds of animals performing that day. There were elephants and tigers and monkeys they seemed to be scared of the storm, but they still did there job and were performing like they were suppose to. Pinkie was waving her little pinkie at the animals and it would make them happy to perform. While Pinkie was at the circus all of a sudden thunder and lightning struck she was so scared she jumped into her mothers arms and covered her face into her lap she peaked out at the animals to see if there were scared to and they were all doing the same thing she as was, hiding there faces to. So pinky got brave and waved her little pinky at all the animals and they got brave and went back to doing their tricks for the circus. So pinky and all the animals had a great time at the circus, and it was the best performance they ever did.


Today was a bad day for me, but yesterday was even worse my aunt passed away at 7:18 exactly. Last week I took her to emergency because she wasn’t feeling well only to find out five days later she was full of cancer. It was every where I don’t know how were going to live without her she was everything to me I loved her so much she helped me raise my children. I can’t believe she gone. I brought her home on Wednesday and she was on hospice we had to keep her highly medicated so she was out of it most of the time she would come in and out to talk and eventually she stopped talking it was awful and I don’t wish it on anyone to go through this. Being on hospice is so sad. I feel so sad right know I’m going through so many emotions and I have to plan a funeral. This has been another bad year two years ago I lost my father I don’t want to go thru this again life has been hard enough already. I’m really going to miss her.

Hard working Girl

Hard Working Girl

This picture looks like a hard working girls she’s on a mission to find beautiful colored rocks. She using a saw to cut through the rocks, but she had to be careful to not to destroy anything she finds. She is in a canyon of some kind with old trees; look at the tree in this picture the wood looks very old like it’s been there for centuries. The area kind of reminds me of the Grand Canyon I had visited the Grand Canyon when I was about ten years old. It was so beautiful and scary to, because we were so high up and I was afraid of heights. This girl is also a mother and wife with two children that are 10 and 14 so she has a lot on her plate taking care of her family and still having time go on these rock adventures. It’s her passion and she is lucky enough to have a husband that takes care of her and their kids so she can pursue her dreams. When she finds a beautiful rock she cleans it up real pretty and shinny. She has a collection at her home she even sells some of them to help support her family it’s nice that she can do what she loves.

Bunny Wig Sugar

Bunny Wig Sugar JoAnn Mendivil

The Brown Sugar Bunny never wore a wig.

Once there was a chocolate bunny made from sugar and coco. She was white and sparkled from glazed sugar on her body. She didn’t have any hair on her and she didn’t know what kind of bunny she was. When she saw other bunnies they all had hair they were white and furry brown, so she felt a little different so she decided to buy a wig of hair so she wouldn’t feel so different. It was Easter day and chocolate bunny was getting herself ready to go to the Easter bunny hunt. So the brown sugar bunny wore a wig so she would look like everyone else. Unfortunate she only had hair on top of her head and the other bunnies laughed at her and made her feel bad. So brown sugar bunny decided to go home while on her way home she ran into some people that were on there way to see a magical wizard who could give her hair at least that’s what they told her. Only to find out that it was a lie they wanted to capture her and use her in a circus show because they thought she was beautiful the way she sparkled. Months had passed and brown sugar bunny was the main attraction of the circus show, everyone from all over the country would come just to see how beautiful she was. It mad her so happy getting picked up by the circus was the best thing that could have happened to her. When Easter finally came around again they were back at her old town where she had been captured they never treated her bad they actually treated her like a star. She was the main attraction of the whole Easter egg hunt and all the rabbits applauded her and she was so happy and the brown sugar bunny never wore a wig again.